India-Belgium 5-3 (1-3)



Team : Nadine Khouzam, Caroline Guisset, Joy Jouret, Morgane Vouche, Olivia Bouche, Valerie Vermeersch, Lola Danhaive, Gaelle Valcke, Charlotte De Vos, Anouk R.aes and Sofie Gierts. Came in : Erica Coppey, Emilie Sinia, Iris Vanhecke, Jill Boon, Dorianne meuwese. Did not play : Ruth knops and caroline Himpe


A very nice but (at 11h00) hot day.

The start was very good for our team.
From the beginning of the match we were on the lead, and with a very early fieldgoal (4th minute) from Charlotte de Vos, we were really into the game!
0-2 for
in the 7th minute! It was on PCgoal from Sofie Gierts (pass to the “giver and deviation behind the keeper.
India came, but not very dangerous in the beginning. Belgium
kept on “channelling” the Indian players so they could not come through.
On a counter attack, 1 player left alone in the circle : 1-2 in the 26th minute.
did react well on that and 7 minutes later, on PC rebound, Valérie Vermeersch could score 1-3 (33rd min.), the last minute Nadine Khouzam made a good save.
Rest : 1-3 for

Second half was totally the opposite of the first.
Now India was pushing hard en playing very strongly. In the 41st minute a fieldgoal. In the 43rd minute a stroke was accorded to India, for a light fault… it was just after the umpire whistled a PC when India scored a goal (which was than not accorded) Nadine touched the ball but could not stop it: 3-3.
In the 56th minute another fieldgoal for
India after a ball loss in the middle and a very quick counter attack from India. Belgium
also had some shots on goal (Dorianne Meuwese, Morgane Vouche, Sofie Gierts but they were over and just besides the goal.). Valerie Vermeersch got a hit with a stick in her face and had to leave the field (at the end she could play again).
In the 58th minute Gaëlle Valcke received a ball on her foot just inside the circle and received a yellow card. She went out for 7 minutes, meanwhile in the 61st minute the Indian team received another stroke (!) for again a light fault. This time the same player stood before Nadine, she choose the other corner and Nadine was beaten again.

After the match, the very disappointed players had their icebath and shower and went back tot the hotel for lunch and a short nap. Jeroen Baart, our cameramen stays in the stadium to film all the other matches.

This afternoon we have to go to the Pitch again for the opening ceremony. Philippe, Zulu and Murray will stay in the hotel to work with the video recordings to prepare the briefing later on.
Cathy and Emilie (Schollaert) are going out for some shopping (water, fruit etc.)

In the evening there will be 2 briefings (mental and technical) and we all will go to sleep at 22h30 to have good rest for the important match of tomorrow, at 12hoo (10hoo in Belgium) against a strong and physical Belarus.

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damn! Salut les filles! Dommage pr le score aujourd'hui! Je compte sur vous pour gagner demain! Go for it!

Gros bisous à toutes et surtout à la ptite qui commence ptit à ptit à devenir grande! Joyeux annif Nad!


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