Selection for Argentina

Selectie Dames A - Cordoba, Argentinië
Sofie Gierts - Olivia Bouche - Valérie Vermeersch - Gaëlle Valcke - Lola Danhaive - Charlotte De Vos - Anne-Sophie Van Regemortel - Astrid Vervaet - Morgane Vouche - Louise Cavenaile - Nadine Khouzam - Anouk Raes - Jill Boon - Emilie Sinia - Erica Coppey - Iris Vanhecke - Ruth Knops - Barbara Nelen - Laurence Delmulle - Stephanie De Groof.

"We have reduced the squad from 25 to 20 for the trip to Argentina.  Whilst in Argentina (as invited guests of the Argentinian Hockey Federation) we will compete in a 4 nation tournament together with USA (world ranking 10), Chile (16) and Argentina (2).  Following this tournament we will play a further 2 matches against Argentina, all in Cordoba.  This tour and tournament represents an excellent opportunity for us to see one of our major opponents in San Diego, the USA, whilst also providing an ideal training and competition platform in order to select, and prepare the final 18 players for the World Cup Qualifier which begins on the 26th of March.  


After two victories against Ireland (world ranking 15, 5th place at the 2009 European Cup in Amsterdam) the team has shown it is moving the right direction.  Whilst we did not display our best hockey during the two matches in Nivelles, it did show that physically the players are progressing well, and that despite almost 3 months without an international match, and almost 2 months without a club match, the players were able to achieve two good results (Friday 5th Feb 3-0, Sunday 7th Feb 2-1) against a difficult opponent.  In particular the return to the squad and excellent form of Anne-Sophie van Regemortel has given us a real stability in defense, whilst the progression of Louise Cavenaile in her return from injury was very positive. 


This selection represents an excellent balance of youth and experience, with an average amount of 42 caps within the team.  If we are able to continue our current program we will be able to increase this average to around 60 caps by the time of the European Cup in 2011, putting us in an excellent position to qualify for the London Olympics, which is the current programs ultimate goal." - Murray Richards    

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