The last days in Argentina

During the last testmatch against ARG, there were 2 injuries for BEL players.

Lola Danhaive received a hit of a stick on the eyebrow, it had to be stiched. She went to the hospital for 5 stiches.  She recovers well, but it hurts.
Iris Vanhecke had a hard 'encounter' head to head with another player and has a concussion. She also went to the hospital for further investigation.

Last news about the group , from friday:
All ok, Lola fine just sore, Iris still some problems but Severine is on top of it.

We train twice today, twice tomorrow plus individual meetings.
Last day relax then leave hotel at 1400.

Vandaag, zaterdag, nog 2 x training en individuele meetings. Morgen een relaxdag en vertrek van het hotel om 14u.

Aujourd'hui, samedi, encore 2 entrainements et réunions individuelles. Demain jour relax et départ de l'hôtel vers 14h.

Photo of the last evening of the 4 Nations series


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Nice Picture!! haha i took that picture!!! i want my credits of it.. naa i'm kidding, that's a gift from my part to the all team... I don't know who is the owner of this page, but congratulartions coz it's very nice one! Hope you like mine, i'll try to translate mine in english or french so you all can read it properly... Thanks one more tome for comming to Argentina, hope you've been received in an excelent way.


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