C'est dur, dur... quand il fait froid!

Het is moeilijk trainen waneer het zo koud is als vandaag (en de afgelopen weken...)

Nos dames continuent à s'entrainer même quand il fait froid.

Photo de la sélection pour San Diego. Foto selectie voor Sab Diego

HPIM4785 - kopie1




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Have a nice trip!! As i said in my last note about The Panthers. This is time for the WBNT to demostrate that the TOP10 needs to count with you on it. This is a long trip, All the preparation, the trinings down the freezing weather, the long long trip to Argentinië, the selection of the 18 players, this all is part of it, from our side, as supporters and friends, family or whoever we would be, we don't have any more words of support and succes for you, that leave kids, university and family in België to attend this unique opportunitie to get a chance to have a place in the World Cup. We congrat you for that. enjoy match after match, step by step you will get it, No matter the results your fans from all pver the world will be proud of you, Our Panthers!!
Success and BEAT THEMMMMMM hehe... have a nice trip!!!

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