SD Day 8 last trainingsession before tournament

Today our panthers had their last training. It was a tactical training : PC's free hits etc.
We also had the check of our keepergear. All keepergear is OK. Yes!

We are here in USA during an important time for this country. President Obama is giving a very good speech on the television at this moment, about the health care plan. People are shouting "Yes we can".

I want to tell our team that same phrase 
I have seen the team work and work, grow and grow and truly believe that we can reach our goal to win this tournament.
We will have to fight hard for it, but I trust sincerely in our power to amaze and come home with gold.

Go panthers, Go!

xx Linda

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YES, of Course, WE CAN Come on Dames, wij geloven er even hard in als jullie.
wij steuen jullie van hieruit met alle mentale kracht die wij kunnen geven.
Succes en GO FOR IT

Gepost door: Guy | 26-03-10

Come on girls!!!! Eindelijk is het zover, al die maanden trainen, afzien en werken zullen nu hun vruchten afwerpen! Go for it, doe het voor elkaar, als ploeg en voor het hele vrouwenhockey in Belgiê! We staan volledig achter jullie. GOOD LUCK

Gepost door: Astrid | 26-03-10

Allez les filles Allez les filles. On compte sur vous.
vous allez bouffer les canadiennes.


Gepost door: Maïté | 26-03-10

2-0 !!!
super !!! génial !!!! continuez comme ça !!!!
pleins d'encouragements à toutes

Gepost door: famille achten | 26-03-10

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