BNT Squads and Development Squad August 2010

After observing the u21 EK in Bra, and also performances during the recent test matches against Ireland and Scotland, during which numerous u21 players were given opportunity, the coaching staff, under guidance from the medical staff, has chosen the new WBNT A and WBNT Development squads.  The development squad exists to prepare players just outside the A squad for eventual progression to an international playing level.  They will be exposed to the full WBNT physical, nutrition and medical programs, whilst also completing weekly individual training sessions with the WBNT coaching staff. 

 We are pleased to welcome new members Alix Gerniers (La Gantoise), Lieselotte van Lindt (Dragons) and Julie Scraeyen (Wellington) to the WBNT A squad. " 

 WBNT squad

1          ACHTEN Elizabeth (GK)
2          BOON Jill
3          BOUCHE Olivia
4          COPPEY Erica
5          DANHAIVE Lola
6          DE GROOF Stephanie
7          DELMEE Hélène
8          DEVOS Charlotte
9          GERNIERS Alix
10        HIMPE Caroline
11        JOURET Joy
12        KHOUZAM Nadine (GK)
13        MEUWESE Dorianne
14        NELEN Barbara
15        RAES Anouk
16        SCRAEYEN Julie
17        SINIA Emilie
18        VALCKE Gaëlle
19        VAN HECKE Iris
20        VAN LINDT Lieselotte
21        VAN REGEMORTEL Anne-Sophie
22        VERMEERSCH Valérie
23        VOUCHE Morgane


1          CALDERONE Emilie
          DELMULLE Laurence
4          GUISSET Caroline
5          LADDYN Emilie
6          PATRIACHE Laura
7          SCHEERS Julie
8          TRUYENS Elodie

 Murray Richards

Head Coach Women’s BNT


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