Louise Cavenaile : Retour en A

#13 Louise Cavenaille.JPGWe are pleased to announce the inclusion of Louise Cavenaile into the WBNT A squad.

Due to excellent progression in recent fitness testing and performances both at club level and at individual training sessions with the WBNT - I feel that Louise deserves her position back in the WBNT A, after a period of 9 months with the WBNT development squad.  Louise's experience at international level, and her performances during the last Olympic qualifying campaign in 2008, make her a welcome addition to the squad.

Best regards

Murray Richards
Head coach Women’s BNT


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Super Louise !!!!

Gepost door: olivia | 26-11-10

bon çaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Gepost door: milou | 29-11-10

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