Alix Gerniers stops with the WBNT

Murray Richards :

alix2.jpg"After discussions with both Alix Gerniers and her parents
I have decided to remove Alix from the WBNT A squad.
Alix is one of Belgium's most talented young strikers, as
her performances for the u21 during their recent EK victory
in Bra showed.
However the large travel distance for training,
and Alix's commitments in her last year of school have
meant that she is unable to complete the full WBNT A
program in the lead up to the EK in Monchengladbach
this year.
As a result Alix will return to the youth program, and
focus herself on the upcoming u18 EK.
We wish her the very best, and look forward to seeing
her continued improvement with La Gantoise in the second
half of the season."

Alix will not be replaced. The squad will consist of 22 players from now on.

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