Bremen 13/07 day 4 NZL-BEL 4-2 (3-1)



New Zealand- Belgium 4:2 (3-1)


Yesterday we celebrated the 100 caps of Erica Coppey! Congratulations Erica!!

Team of NZL looked strong with a few really tall and muscled players.
A good first 5 minutes of the match: BEL played quickly, the ball went from 1 side to another, good passes, a few circle entries. Then NZL took over, a fuzzy play in our circle, last touch by Charlotte Harrison, goal 1-0. BEL really disappointed because they were good in the match till that point. NZL showed a stronger play and fighting spirit. 22nd min. 2-0 by Katie Glynn.
Then a nice attack from the side by Anne-Sophie Van Regemortel with pass into the circle, delicate touch by Barbara Nelen : 2-1 in the 30th minute.
BEL had no time to keep that 1 goal difference because in the next minute a loss of ball in the middle, a counter attack and goal by Stacy Michelsen 3-1.
Pascal Kina spoke with hard words during half time. Girls have to keep up their heads, keep to their strategy and be harder in the duels.

Second half 3rd min. PC for NZL : 4-1 by Samantha Harrison. BEL played harder but it was not enough to overplay the strong NZL players. BEL got 2 PC’s but could not score.
In the 56th min. a bouncing ball from the left came high (but not dangerous) into the circle, Jill Boon tipped it nicely besides the goalie: 4-2.
After the final whistle, NZL had another PC but Nadine stopped both shots.

Overall, the BEL team was very disappointed because with more “guts” of every player, the result could have been much better!
After coming back in the hotel there was an immediate debriefing of more than 2 hours. BEL players know now what it will be like, in
London, this match was a good mirror. Players know that they can play better than they did today and will do the utmost to be ready in London

Today rest day: 1 ½ h. training, individual meetings, rest and tonight the official dinner offered by the beautifull Club Zur Vahr.


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Prachtige fotos group en andere, groetjes en fyne dag!

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